Concrete Canoe

What is Concrete Canoe?

  • The boat with both ends pointed, flat bottom, light, portable by hand, controlled and conducted by paddlers is called a canoe. The canoes constructed according to this description and produced from the concrete will be raced.
  • Today, the canoes used for sports and entertainment are made mostly of hardwood, molded plastic, aluminum, glass fiber or stretched canvas on wood. Concrete canoe will bring a breath of fresh air.

Why are we doing this competition?

  • To contribute to the development engineers who are open to gain new ideas, to explore various innovation methods in the process of making a concrete canoe,
  • To provide that civil engineering students come together in a professional sense through the national competition
  • To host regional races up to now in Europe and America in the coming years as İTÜ and to carry on the reputation of our school and our country to international platform
  • To provide gaining teamwork, project management and presentation experience for those who participate in the competition
  • To provide gaining experience in building materials, applications and engineering tests to civil engineering students


Participation in the competition will be in groups. Participation in the competition is open to all undergraduate and post-graduate students as long as there are at least two civil engineers in the groups.